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July 29, 2009

Now I know that I would rather have gone to a summer camp like this than the sleep-away camp in New Jersey my parents sent me to where we straightened our hair and avoided playing tether ball so we could flirt with boys half our height.

This is a truly radical organization.  The ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CAMP FOR GIRLS started in 2001 as a week-long summer camp at PSU– since then it has grown into an independent non-profit organization with 4 summer sessions, a yearlong after-school program, and a week-long Ladies Rock Camp for those over 18 who are still looking to rock out.

Each day at the summer camp includes instrument instruction, visiting band performances, quiet band practice and songwriting, amplified band practice, and workshops like: Self Defense, Zine Writing, Song Writing, Screen Printing, Image and Identity, What’s in Your Toolbox? and more.

Putting girls together in an environment where they can practice collaborating with each other and learn real, practical skills…so simple, so revolutionary.

If you want to check out the awesome product of this week’s camp, and offer some financial support, be sure to check out the Showcase at the Bagdad Theater on August 1 at 5:30pm.  $7-10 sliding scale.  So worth it.

rock and roll camp for girls august 1 showcase

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  1. March 3, 2010 12:28 am

    Good post, thanks a lot!


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