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Hillary Clinton valiently battles ignorance…and the American press bungles it, as usual

August 11, 2009

The American media has an uncanny way of blithely doing itself exactly what it is critically reporting on.  By which I mean: how can you seriously write an article about Hillary Clinton’s outrage at being asked her husband’s opinion on foreign policy issues and begin it with “She wore a lavender pantsuit and purple rage.” Very clever, Daily News.  Not.

Why not focus the article on why the student from the Congo would ask such a question, or why the French translator messed up the question, if that’s what really happened (a less-than-minor detail to leave unresolved).  Laziness, I suppose, is the answer.  Much easier to stir up some controversy around a video clip than to do any actual investigation, or devote any serious thought to the challenges of cross-cultural communication, or the enduring difficulties for women in power.

Even the New York Times, publishing an article from the AP, focused their article on the Clinton’s married life.  Boo.

Here’s some better (if a little Eurocentric) coverage on Jezebel.

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