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Vaginas: An Owner’s Manual

October 21, 2009

Looking for something informative but at the same time easy to read? This is the book for you! Written by two experts, a gynecologist and her daughter. It is packed full with information about anatomy, sex, menstruation, gynecology, pregnancy, menopause, abortion and much much more. Includes illustrations when needed, silly/cute mother-daughter dialogue at the end of each chapter and a bunch of entertaining anecdotes. There are only a few downfalls of this book (omissions really) that bugged me. There is no talk about queer issues, vaginal pain or female sexual dysfunction(vaginismus is mentioned once but only in passing and is very misleading) But besides those things being sadly left out, this book is spectacular, cute and informative. It gives you all the information with none of the boring medical feel. It is a must for kids, teenagers or anyone who just wants to learn more about female anatomy.
At In Other Words for $15.00

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  1. Mona permalink
    January 23, 2012 12:36 pm

    Awww… no mention of queer issues? What were they thinking?


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