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Five Videos to check out

February 22, 2010

Here are some great feminist videos to check out(maybe bored at work? Home sick? Want something funny or smart or BOTH?-here you go!)

Media Matters for America is just plain and simply great. Also should check out their website
Here is just a gem

Charles and Red are both awesome and have great videos. Here is a collaboration they did that it hilarious and simple brilliant!

Adam makes interesting videos about feminism and other things he is passionate about. Smart, articulate and talks about things which are commonly ignored like asexuality

Roy Zimmerman writes and plays some super funny songs. This one is my personal favorite!

Jay is another smart articulate guy! Talks alot about race issues and is just awesome and funny.

email me if you know of or make awesome feminist videos and I will include it next time!

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  1. February 23, 2010 12:10 am

    Great videos! I was really happy to see Jay Smooth on here. I’ve been a big fan of his videos for some time now. He has a lot of really cool things to say on a lot of different topics.

    The Defenders of Marriage song was hilarious! I’m going to have to show that to…probably everyone I know. Along with Charles’ and Red’s video. Not only was it funny, but it brought up a few things I’d never even thought about before. Good stuff.

    I liked a lot of what Adam had to say about what real feminism is versus the whole “revenge against men” idea. It’s really sad how widespread that misconception is (especially when I hear my friends say, “I’m not a feminist, but…” and then they go on to say something that IS feminist, they just don’t realize it because they have such a skewed idea of what feminism actually is). It also makes me happy to see male feminists because, since feminism is about gender equality, I’m convinced feminism is liberating for men too (and I like to see men who care about equality for women).

    Whee, long comment.


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