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She Bop

March 1, 2010

This past weekend I finally made it up to Mississippi to check out She Bop, the new feminist sex toy store here in Portland. It only opened a few months ago but I have been hearing good things and was excited.
When I got there I was welcomed into the well light small(but not too small) space. Within a few minutes someone came up to me let me know if I needed any help and to tell me feel free to test anything and take things out of the packaging. Now I am a strange creature, I usually get scared, nervous and panic when sales people talk to me. If you add in the whole sex toy thing I pretty much turn beet red and shrink. At She Bop I did not change size or color, in fact I didnt feel anxious at all, it was more like an acquaintance just saying hello.
Their selection is great, tons of different vibrators, dildos of different sizes something for every price range. They have remote control egg(you know the one that they had in Shortbus?)
On top of all the fun buzzing toys they have a good selection of strap-ons, whips, nipple clamps and more. There is an entire wall of different lubes and condoms as well as cute silly/sexy gifts(vibrating rubber ducky? sexy mad libs? glow-in-the-dark dildo making kit?) There was also a great selection of books from erotica of every kind to books about kink, anatomy, self-help, and feminism!

I felt more comfortable there than in almost any other store(you know, besides In Other Words…) While my purchase was small, I know I will be stopping by again in the near future.

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