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October 27, 2011


From our humble beginnings in 1993, to our recent expansion into a community center, In Other Words continues to be a nonprofit feminist organization that is truly community based and volunteer driven.

Eighteen years after our inception, we are listening to community feedback and have embarked upon a monumental transition from a feminist bookstore into a feminist community center.

We believe this is the perfect time to highlight the efforts of our amazing volunteers.

“I volunteer at IOW because it’s a place to have my voice heard and validated, and a space to interact with and make community with a myriad of people. Working with this organization makes me believe that we can shape a better and more equal world, even if it’s one tiny step at a time.” –Mary Walsh, volunteer

At our eighteenth birthday celebration earlier this month, co-founder Johanna Brenner spoke about the days when In Other Words was just a dream, and how that dream led to our first days in existence. She shared a heartwarming story of a group of folks getting together with a vision of forming a bookstore that would serve as a space for our local feminist communities in the Portland Metro Area to come together. They gathered teams of volunteers who hit the ground running; these volunteers raised cash, developed an inventory, built bookshelves by hand, and created In Other Words.

This spirit is still alive and well amongst our current team of volunteers. It is not an exaggeration to say that the In Other Words transition into a feminist community center would not be a reality today without the passion and hard work of our volunteers. Truly the heart of the organization, our volunteers are the ones to thank for everything from the implementation our rich events programming to our lending library expansion.

As a way to recognize, appreciate, and leverage the astounding amount of energy and time our volunteers give to In Other Words, we are launching a special fundraising campaign.

Sign-up anytime during October or November and help maximize the power of our volunteers!

“In Other Words volunteers rock! I am so excited to have an opportunity to sponsor a volunteer. I am thrilled to visibilize and appreciate the hard work IOW volunteers do every day to keep the our community center operating— from tending the amazing lending library and organizing events, to cleaning the floors and creating community, IOW volunteers are the unseen backbone of the organization. It wouldn’t exist without them!!” –Ray Perkins, proud volunteer sponsor

Stand behind volunteerism in our communities! Go to our website at to find the online sign-up form and pledge your support of our hard working volunteers today!

“Since coming to In Other Words in August, I have been awed by the incredible amount of hard work our volunteers put into this organization. I am so excited we’re launching this campaign to recognize and leverage their efforts. As we move forward in our current transition, volunteers are taking on more leadership responsibility and continue to be one of our greatest assets. By participating in this campaign you will help us provide our volunteers with ongoing support and professional development, as we work towards making IOW a thriving feminist community center.” –Rebecca Moore, Interim Executive Director

Thank you for your support of In Other Words Feminist Community Center.
We hope you will sign up today to become a part of this campaign.

You can also make a one-time contribution on our website and/or sign up to volunteer with your favorite feminist community center. (Hint, hint– that’s us!)

In Solidarity,
your In Other Words team

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