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Events for the week of 01/16 – 01/21

January 16, 2012

So, the weather is ugly. It’s January, we really should have seen this coming. And while I appreciate the desire to hide under a blanket or curl up with a cup of coffee, we have some rad stuff happening this week that’s definitely worth venturing out for. And, hey, we even have a coffee maker at the center!

Monday 01/16 – War Tax Resistance 101 at 7PM, suggested donation of $1-5.

Tuesday, 01/17 – Vinyasa Flow Yoga at 9:30AM, suggested donation of $5-10 & Figures of Speech Reading Series at 7PM.

Wednesday, 01/18 – Feminist/Queer Science Fiction/Fantasy Reading Group tonight at 6:30PM.

Thursday, 01/19 -Vinyasa Flow Yoga at 9:30AM, Progressive Elders Reading Group at 1PM, & Adult Young Adult Book Club at 7PM

Friday, 01/20 – Feminist Film Society at 7PM.

Saturday, 01/21 – Empowered Survivors of Self-Injury at 11:30AM, & The Rise of the Dark Feminine: How to Make the Most of Astrological Transits for 2012 at 7PM.

As always, if there is an event you’d like to schedule at the center you can contact our events committee at

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