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Feminist Community Center Seeks Fundraisers

February 10, 2012

In Other Words needs fundraising team volunteers!

As part of our Volunteer Leadership Program, In Other Words provides applicable work experience and community organizing skills, resume and job reference material, and leadership opportunities to members of our feminist communities who take on volunteer positions with In Other Words.


Working under the broad goals and direction of the Development Plan, and in close collaboration with the board-level Development Committee, the Fundraising team co-manages agency fundraising efforts, including planning/coordination of fundraising events, development of seasonal/special, direct mail, or grassroots fundraising campaigns.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plan/coordinate fundraising events
Set-up and clean-up before and after events
Tabulate the revenue generated from the sales
Report fundraising progress to the Development Committee

Skills Required:

Commitment to feminist values
Friendly and outgoing personality
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Strong problem-solving skills
Strong organization and follow-through skills
Ability to work independently or as a team
Experience in fundraising and marketing skills is an asset, but not required

Leadership and resume-building opportunity:

Great for people who are interested in development and fundraising.

Time commitment:

Flexible Time: Contribute hours during chosen events only

How to apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to

In Other Words is a volunteer-run, non-profit feminist community center. For more ideas of ways to get involved, check out our website!

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