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Events for the week of 03/19 – 03/25

March 19, 2012

To those of you who get such a thing, happy Spring Break! To those of you who don’t (like me), happy Spring Break anyway. I hope you manage to have a great week despite having to do that whole “going to work” thing. I also hope that you can find time in and amongst your exciting plans to attend an event or two at In Other Words!

Tuesday, 03/20Figures of Speech Reading Series at 7PM.

Wednesday,  03/21 – HeART Play for Kids at 10AM, & Feminist/Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Reading Group at 6:30PM.

Thursday, 03/22 -Vinyasa Flow Yoga at 9:30AM, Progressive Elders Reading Group at 1PM, & Radical Cheerleading Practice at 6:30PM.

Friday, 03/23 – Intro to Buddhist Meditation at 10:15AM, & Queer Country & Line Dancing at 8PM.

Saturday, 03/24Scott Free: A Women’s Suffrage Play at 7PM

Sunday 03/25 Bitch Media presents Bumbling into Body Hair, with Everett Maroon at 2PM.

As always, if there is an event you’d like to schedule at the center you can contact our events committee at

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