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National Volunteer Week – Susie

April 17, 2012

April 15th 2012 – April 21st 2012 is National Volunteer Week! Volunteer Week is a time to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the hard and important work of our dedicated volunteers. Visit our blog throughout this week to read a series of stories that we hope acknowledges and celebrates the amazing volunteer community here at In Other Words.

I love being at In Other Words because it is a microcosm of a more hopeful, more caring world. We are working to create a space where everyone will feel welcomed and connected. I immediately felt at home here because the women I met were open and genuine. Women who did not live an unexamined life. I sensed a covenant to value each person’s uniqueness rather than to belittle or exclude them for their flaws and differences.

At IOW, I feel free to be my own strange self, but also inspired to be a better strange self. When the people around you accept you, you can begin to accept yourself.

Susie Thurston, accountant at In Other Words

There is always room for more volunteers! Sign up to volunteer by going to our website at, or drop us a line at with any questions.

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