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National Volunteer Week – Jane

April 18, 2012

April 15th 2012 – April 21st 2012 is National Volunteer Week! Volunteer Week is a time to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the hard and important work of our dedicated volunteers. Visit our blog throughout this week to read a series of stories that we hope acknowledges and celebrates the amazing volunteer community here at In Other Words.

A favorite In Other Words memory that comes to mind when I think back to the three years I have been a volunteer is an encounter I had with a young woman who came into the store looking for resources on international feminism. She was leaving for London on a study abroad program and hoping to find a feminist community there. I was able to share with her my own experience of living in Ireland and being part of a student women’s group at the university I had attended. I mentioned how I marched down the main street of Dublin in the evening on International Women’s Day and how connecting that was for me the larger community of Irish feminists. I was also able to direct her to the publication Spare Rib, a feminist journal published in London.

After she left the store I was struck by the synchronicity of the situation: me volunteering that day, the fact that she came into the store that particular day looking for books on international feminism and how our conversation would never have taken place if In Other Words did not exist.

Jane Knechtel, volunteer for three years at In Other Words, currently serving on Board of Directors.

There is always room for more volunteers! Sign up to volunteer by going to our website at, or drop us a line at with any questions.

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