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Events for June

June 1, 2012

June is an exciting time in the Portland feminist community, and we’re making some big changes to our events lineup here at In Other Words!

  • We have a new yoga group! Yoga for Personal Growth will be meeting from noon-1PM every Tuesday, starting June 5th.
  • The Trans Spiritual Gathering will be meeting on June 24th, to avoid conflicting with Pride NW on the 17th.
We’re a little less excited to announce some cancellations and posponement of events.
  • Dirty Queer is going quarterly. The next event will be held in July.
  • We’re losing both Rubenfeld Synergy and Queer Country and Line Dancing for good, though we do hope to have new events to take their place before too long.
  • The children’s playgroup HeART Play for Kids is going on hiatus for the summer, as its facilitator has other obligations for the next few months.
There’s still plenty of rad stuff happening at the center, and in the community at large, and it’s our goal to help keep you informed about the goings on of the Portland feminist community. Happy June!

As always, if there is an event you’d like to schedule at the center you can contact our events committee at

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