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Feminism Matters Now More Than Ever

July 7, 2012

This summer through October 2012, In Other Words Feminist Community Center is launching a new fundraising campaign: Feminism Matters Now More Than Ever. Join the Conversation. Support In Other Words!

In no small thanks to the past 18 years of your friendship and support, In Other Words has weathered the storms of politics, a floundering economy, and biased radio talk-show attacks on feminism. In Other Words remains one of the few great sources of feminist publications, art and literature, community action organizing and feminist discourse right here in Portland, Oregon. We couldn’t have done it without the support of friends like you.

This summer, we ask our communities: Why are you a feminist? How has the second wave informed third wave feminism? Where is feminism headed? How do feminist communities influence activist movements? Are you part of the conversation?

These questions–and many more–are at the forefront of IOW programming and community engagement. Thank you to our community partners, individual supporters and volunteers for continuing to keep In Other Words a vibrant hub for these discussions.

Your continued generosity will deepen and cultivate extraordinary programming that In Other Words initiated a year ago after gathering input from you and others in our feminist communities. We expanded our bookstore into a dynamic, almost entirely volunteer-run feminist community center. Our center now has the capability to accomplish a greater-than-ever range of vitally important goals:

  • Become a vibrant hub for feminist dialogue and community-building.
  • Continue the expansion of our newly-minted lending library.
  • Broaden our array of artistic, literary and special events to further community relationships and celebrate local authors, artists, and activists.
  • Expand our Volunteer Leadership Development Program, which encourages our volunteers to take on leadership roles at In Other Words and in the world.

Subscribe to our newlsetter for updates on how you can actively engage in supporting In Other Words during our fundraising campaign. Through a series of letters, videos, e-newsletters, house parties, and partnerships with local community organizations such as Clinton Street Theater and Burgerville, we invite you to take a stand in supporting our community engagement work in the Portland Metro Area.

Feminism matters now more than ever: join the conversation! Click here to make a donation today.


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