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Twelve Days of In Other Words Shopping – Schmidt’s Deodorants

December 8, 2012

Welcome to the shopping season everyone! To celebrate this occasion we joyfully introduce the “Twelve Days of In Other Words Shopping.” I’d like to extend my thanks to the Consignment Team for putting together this series of articles.

On the 9th day of Shopping my truly organic feminist friends gave to me…

Holiday 2012 Schmidt's Deodorant

9 Schmidt’s Deodorants

Schmidt’s Beauty is a one-woman operation; every product with the Schmidt’s name is conceived, formulated, and crafted right here in Portland, Oregon by owner and founder Jaime Schmidt!

Schmidt developed this brand out of a desire to end dependence on commercial organizations that are often “out of touch with the needs of today’s consumer.” The deodorant is free of harmful chemicals that would prevent the body from sweating. Instead, this deodorant was built on the notion that the body must perspire to cleanse itself of toxins, so Jamie developed a deodorant that both neutralizes odor and absorbs wetness while your body does it natural thing. The deodorant comes in three different scents – Fragrance-Free, Ylang-Ylang + Calendula, and Cedarwood + Juniper. Schmidt’s also produces a line of sunscreens that we carry as well.

You can find Schmidt’s Beauty Products and more at In Other Words. We’re located at 14 NE Killingsworth St in Portland, OR, and are open Tuesday-Saturday, noon-7 PM.

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