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National Volunteer Week – Susan

April 23, 2013

National Volunteer Week 2013 is April 21st through the 27th. We’re recognizing the hard work our volunteers do every day to keep In Other Words a thriving hub of Portland feminism. Our mission is to inspire and cultivate feminist communities, nurturing social justice, and we simply wouldn’t be able to do it without the dedication of so many vibrant, hard-working people.

“Let me tell you why I love the community cultivated at In Other Words and why I love volunteering there:  SANCTUARY!  Patriarchy is out there, not in here.  I moved to Portland from the hostile Midwest in 2008 and I immediately started hanging out at In Other Words.  Outside IOW and the Bitch office, if I talk about topics that require empathy and compassion, I often get dismissive and insensitive responses, even in Portland.  At In Other Words, it’s easier to talk, the atmosphere is positive, and the books are wonderful.  I also enjoy working at the IOW library and sorting through newly donated books.”

Susan, volunteer at In Other Words, coordinator of the Feminist Discussion Group, and In Other Words Lending Library expert-extraordinaire.

19th Bday Susan Library

It’s never too late to get on board! Sign up to volunteer by going to our website at, or drop us a line at with any questions.


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