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Twelve Days of In Other Words Shopping – Slingshot! Organizers

December 18, 2013

Welcome to the shopping season everyone! To celebrate this occasion we joyfully introduce the “Twelve Days of In Other Words Shopping.”

On the 6th day of Shopping my anarcha-feminist friends gave to me…

Dec 2012 Slingshot

6 Slingshot! Organizers

Slingshot! is a quarterly anarchist, independent, radical newspaper published in Berkeley, California since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective. It is a non-profit project of the Long Haul Infoshop. Slingshot provides free subscriptions to prisoners and people with low income in the United States.

Along with being totally rockin’, The Slingshot Collective also publishes an annual datebook called the Slingshot! Organizer in two different sizes. The pocket version “classic” (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches) or the large-size version (5.5 inches X 8.5 inches) which is bound with spiral wiring. Both are 176 page planners with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. Choose from 15 cover colors. It has a tough layflat binding and a laminated cover. Click here for more information about Slingshot.

You can find Slingshot! Organizers and more at In Other Words. We’re located at 14 NE Killingsworth St in Portland, OR, and are open Tuesday-Saturday, noon-7 PM.

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