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November 5, 2014

Um… hey feminists.


Your trusty social media volunteer here, writing to let you know that I JUST RECEIVED AN UNSOLICITED EMAIL FROM INDIEGOGO HEADQUARTERS that they so value and love and appreciate the important community space of In Other Words that they are offering to manually override the Indiegogo system and EXTEND THE DEADLINE FOR OUR 21st BIRTHDAY FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN until December 3rd!

On the one hand, I am excited, because it means we have three more weeks to signal-boost to our friends and networks that In Other Words has the ability to be a wonderful space, if we can increase our capacity in terms of volunteer leadership and financial support. On the other hand, I am nervous that people will think this deadline extension was some sort of disingenuous ploy to get folks all riled up on November 5th with a false deadline. Please believe me when I say that, up until about 30 minutes ago, I was wringing my wrists about the fundraising deadline just as much as you were (as evidenced by high-frequency tweeting from our twitter account); this manual override on the part of Indiegogo headquarters was truly and completely unexpected, and unsolicited, and arrived at the eleventh hour.

They reached out to us to offer the extension because they were so impressed at the AMAZING amount of grassroots community support expressed by people posting all over social media. In just three weeks, the campaign has been shared on Facebook 1.5 THOUSAND times, and it has been shared on Twitter 1.1 THOUSAND times. Yes, thousands.  We’ve also received an impressive amount of re-blogs on a myriad of blogging platforms.

You believe in us, Indiegogo believes in us, and I believe in us. We have witnessed feminist sisterhood and community-building  all over the place–from the groundswell of social media support, to more than $8,500 in financial donations to our 21st Birthday Campaign, to the turn out of new folks signing up to volunteer and applying to the board, to our friends at Indiegogo offering to extend our fundraising deadline.

But this doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. There is still so much work to do. Now, we just have a little more time to do it.

Let’s keep chugging! Please keep spreading the word to your networks regarding our fundraising campaign. Together, with lots of small gifts, we can do this. See you all at our General Assembly on November 8th.


Kim M

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