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Beyond Beyoncé: What feminism looks like in 2014 (video)

December 29, 2014

When Beyoncé stood silhouetted with the word “feminist” towering behind her in bold, white letters at the MTV Video Music Awards last summer, many were quick to proclaim: feminism is cool again.

Queen Bey wasn’t the only famous name to declare feminist allegiance. From Taylor Swift to Benedict Cumberbatch to Aziz Ansari, entertainment darlings are coming out of the feminist closet, so to speak, in droves. Combined with a loud, ongoing conversation about sexual assault, about rape culture, about the famous men who get away with hurting women, about women in video games, about #YesAllWomen, about abortion access in Canada, about the safety of transgender women, about Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel win — women have defined the zeitgeist of 2014.

It’s a curious proclamation to say the rights and well-being of half the population is having a “moment,” but here we are.


But here’s the rub: much of the mainstream conversation…

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