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The Vital Compass!

January 15, 2015

We love our feminist neighbors!  While we were sad to say goodbye The Record Room, we were pleased to learn that the block would remain a feminist stronghold when we welcomed our new neighbors, The Vital Compass!

TheVitalCompassThe Vital Compass is a Chinese medicine clinic & medicinary that is structured around principles of democracy and equality.  The business is organized and registered as a cooperative corporation, which means that it is collectively owned by its benefiters, including all of the workers as well as community members.  The Vital Compass works to create an environment of universalism, eliminating the ways in which people tend to feel marginalized by institutions, especially when seeking healthcare!

When you visit The Vital Compass, you can expect to meet a diverse group of individuals working for change from the inside out.  You can start with one acupuncture treatment, massage or herbal formula at a time and watch the effects ripple into a healthier, more vibrant and just community for all.

Click here to schedule an appointment at The Vital Compass! 

But that’s not all!  There are so many awesome feminist events coming up in 2015.  Since you’ll already be in the neighborhood to attend feminist events at In Other Words, why not stop over next door to check out all of these amazing healing and educational events at The Vital Compass:

  • Yin & Yang:  Everything you didn’t know about black & white at 7PM on February 10th, 2015. Probably the simplest and most profound philosophy that is not only the basis of Chinese Medicine, but is also the one thing that can explain everything, from ecology to economics. Join us at The Vital Compass for a talk by L.Ac John Servillio that provides perspective on why the world feels out of balance, and inspiration on how to live a more harmonious life.  This talk is a great introduction to the philosophies used in The Vital Compass’ acupuncture, massage, & herbal practices. This is a wonderful way to gain insight into your treatments as well as meet the practitioners at The Vital Compass.
  • Yo​ur menses can be awesome! at 7PM on March 11th, 2015. Although not technically “normal”, PMS and menstrual pain are extremely common. Self care and natural medicine can do a lot to relieve these monthly discomforts, as well as other related issues like short, long or heavy cycles, cysts, fibroids and PCOS. For many of us with a uterus, feeling awesome all month long requires some effort, foresight and information. Come to this event at The Vital Compass to learn from LAc Allison Keil, and find out which pieces of the puzzle you might be missing. This class will be 1 hour, followed by Q & A.
  • Social Justice + Healthcare!  Saturday, April 25th, 2015 from 9AM-5PM.  Working in collaboration with the AORTA Collective, this event is geared toward health practitioners of any type of medicine.  The event is designed to breakdown the barriers to understanding how attitudes about race, class, size, gender, ability, religion and ethnicity affect our patient-practitioner relationships and the way we create our businesses and institutions. It is an event engrained with constructive, personal work and hope for change in the way these things negatively affect our day to day lives and practices.  For more info, contact

Three cheers for the feminist block that is N. Killingsworth Street & Williams!  Can’t wait to see your beautiful soul at these events at The Vital Compass, and of course here at In Other Words.

In Other Words Feminist Community Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organizing space that is entirely run by volunteers, and survives thanks to individual financial gifts from generous feminists like you.

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