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Will NFL domestic violence dominate Super Bowl talk?

February 1, 2015


Only days before the Super Bowl, a feminist group called UltraViolet has released a provocative ad focusing on domestic violence in the National Football League. It also calls for the resignation of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and will be running on web sites through the Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad shows a fully padded football player preparing for a tackle. He charges ahead, but rather than run down an opponent, he attacks a woman standing alone on the field. “Let’s take domestic violence out of football,” a voiceover says while on-screen text reads “55 NFL abuse cases unanswered.” The ad ends with the hashtag, #Goodellmustgo.

The ad already has sparked discussion because initially, Sports Illustrated’s website (which, like Fortune, is owned by Time Inc.) turned it down. Sports Illustrated then said it mistakenly rejected the ad. It and the Huffington Post plan to run both the ad and…

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