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Open letter from Board of Directors: invitation to upcoming meetings

March 24, 2015

    Our new board of directors is a team of dedicated volunteers who have been working tirelessly since last fall to help streamline and increase efficiency as we move towards a more sustainable model for our beloved brave fierce feminist community center.  Please see below for an open letter from the board of directors asking for your commitment to coming to the space to engage in constructive dialogue, coalition-building, problem-solving, and discussion.
    “To all our dedicated volunteers,

    We’ve listened to your thoughtful comments, and while we still have staffing/operational problems that have necessitated some abrupt changes we will be working with you to bring a plan and vision for IOW’s future to the next General Assembly for a vote.

    In preparation for that vote, we’ve scheduled a number of brainstorming sessions over the next few weeks. We hope you will both join a working session to contribute ideas and help design our path forward and attend the General Assembly to cast your vote. Here are the meeting dates:

    1. Wednesday, April 1st, 6:00pm at In Other Words – This is part of an ongoing process and is a meeting that will focus on  how we can ensure that future plans for IOW are inclusive of marginalized communities.
    2. Wednesday, April 8th, 6:30pm at In Other Words – Brainstorming around the proposed event space/book curation model.
    3. Sunday, April 12th, Noon at In Other Words – Brainstorming around the proposed event space/book curation model.
      1. update:  Click here to watch/listen to the recorded discussion.
    4. Saturday, April 25th, 2PM at In Other Words – General Assembly Meeting–and VOTE on major structural changes. UPDATE: click here to watch the recording of the General Assembly 
    We continue to be blessed with passionate volunteers, and we’re looking forward to working together to become the sustainable organization our community needs.”
    Sincerely and In Solidarity,
    board of directors
    In Other Words Feminist Community Center
    As feminists, as volunteers, as fundraisers, as passionate peaceful and committed community members, let’s come together to brainstorm, build coalition, come up with new plans, take action, and build up the feminist community space we all so dearly love and desire.  We must work together constructively and quickly, and we can make this happen!

    UPDATE: if you consider yourself part of the In Other Words feminist community, please click here to vote! ONE VOTE per person please. 

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