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Open letter from Board of Directors: a step towards social responsibility

April 16, 2015

Dear brave bold passionate patient fabulous fierce feminists,

Our all-volunteer board of directors is working tirelessly to help implement and streamline our all-volunteer-run nonprofit in to the thriving feminist community organizing space we all fiercely desire.  Tonight at 6:30PM, the board of directors will be reading an open letter and working closely with community members to move forward in an open and transparent way.  As always, tonight’s monthly board meeting is open to the public.  For those who cannot make it tonight, please see below for the letter.

The current Board of Directors stepped up last fall. Together they brought years of NPO, grants, grassroots organizing, program and planning, financial planning, marketing, donor cultivation, fundraising, management and policy and procedure experience to the organization. They have dedicated many hours and hard work to reaching these goals. Their main objectives were to help IOW become a socially responsible and fiscally sustainable organization. They have brought forth two viable financial strategies, innovative marketing campaign ideas and strategic program plans to help navigate IOW into sustainability and away from financial crisis. They have analyzed the current structural model of the organization and have made several recommendations to help begin the process of creating a sustainable future for the organization.

Now is the time to implement a plan to become socially responsible. They have worked on inclusivity campaigns, setting up policies and procedures to protect those using IOW’s space and have made steps to become a more diverse space that makes intersectional feminism a priority. They feel like the next step to creating a truly diverse organization is ensuring that we create a space for a diversity of feminists to take on leadership roles.

They feel like the best thing we can do is step aside and make room for a more diverse-intersectional Board. It is with much gratitude and respect that Louie, Caitlyn, Lauren, and Nicole are choosing to step aside to make more space for new diverse leaders. Alison will be stepping down from her secretary position to create room for new board members too (she will stay on the board as an “at large” member). The exiting Board Members  will be available for consulting in their professional fields and will still be actively involved in IOW. They would also like volunteers to know that they can reach out for letters of reference, etc. They want to continue to support the career goals and upward mobility of IOW volunteers!

Love and Solidarity,

Board of Directors

In Other Words Feminist Community Center

Thank you so much, Portland, for your passion, patience, time, energy, love, and support.  Thank you for holding us accountable, and for participating and stepping up when it was needed.

Please remember to mark your calendar and plan attend our upcoming General Assembly at the end of this month, where we will hold a vote on major structural changes to In Other Words.

Please direct any questions to board[at]inotherwords[dot]org.  In Other Words Feminist Community Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is entirely run by volunteers and survives thanks to lots of small individual gifts from generous feminists like you.  We couldn’t do it without your help.  Thank you.

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