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Racial justice is a feminist issue.

December 8, 2014

Racial justice is a feminist issue.

  • Racial justice a feminist issue because cis women of color, trans women of color, and gender queer people of color die at the hands of police.
  • Racial justice is a feminist issue because women of color–and especially queer and trans women of color–must be centered in our community organizing conversations in order to challenge structural state-perpetuated violence and racism.
  • Racial justice a feminist issue because systemic violence is a feminist issue.
  • Racial justice is a feminist issue.
Many of our community members are actively participating in speaking out, protesting, taking action, and standing in solidarity, in response to the rash of policy brutality that continues to sweep the United States.  As a feminist community center, we are hosting workshops on how to stay safe and healthy while taking this struggle to the streets.  Taught and facilitated by Rose Hip Collective, please join us at In Other Words for at least one of these street safety workshops:
Come join us for one of these two-hour trainings about keeping you and yours safe while protesting for a better world. We’ll cover identifying police tactics, action preparation, and talk about those strange and illustrious medics you see roaming about with red crosses. These are the first of what we hope will be several such workshops in coming weeks.  Can’t make either of the safety trainings?  Please click here to download a protest safety pocket guide.
Critical upcoming actions, meetings, discussions:


There are innumerable ways to make your voice heard. The most important part is to engage, speak out, and be true to yourself and your communities.  Here are a few of the many ongoing ways to speak out:

  • Don’t Shoot PDX is a primary organizer of many of the significant actions that have taken place in Portland so far in response to recent police brutality: the march in protest of no indictment for Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson Missouri, the march in protest of no indictment for Eric Garner’s murder in Staten Island New York, the action at the Moda Center, and multiple follow-up marches, actions, and protests at the Justice Center, Courthouse, Pioneer Place Mall, and the Apple Store.  Don’t Shoot PDX holds its community organizing meetings twice per month at In Other Words Feminist Community Center.
  • Mourning Glory Publishing:  call for submissions
  • Healing Justice for Black Lives Matter
  • Hold yourself accountable.  Read A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and reflect, think, question yourself, and hold yourself and others accountable for what the do (and what they don’t do).
  • Women of Color Zine project:  support them, read them, engage.
  • PFLAG Portland Black Chapter:  regular meetings, events, socials, fundraisers.  Support them, engage in discussion, participate and/or be an informed ally.
Volunteers Stay safe out there, feminists.
You are valued, appreciated, and worth it.
 In Other Words loves you.
Got a suggestion or a new event to add to the lists above?   Please let us know so we can keep this blog post current and updated! Please drop us a line at communications[at]inotherwords[dot]org with the information and a URL link.
In Other Words Feminist Community Center is an entirely volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit.



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  1. December 8, 2014 11:57 pm

    Here’s another, kind of different call for submissions by artists of colour in support of Ferguson:

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  2. Darcey permalink
    December 9, 2014 2:52 pm

    I tried to use the link to send a card to an LGBTQ inmate for Christmas, but it took me to a Facebook page it said I didn’t have permission to view.



  1. Women’s Voice: Media Monitor for Women Network | UM Ford School in China

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