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Portland Feminist Meet Up: April 2015 recap!

May 7, 2015

Bring Your Own Brunch (BYOB) Portland Feminist Meet-up is a discussion and community-building gathering for feminists in the Portland Metro Area. Each month is a different discussion topic, and each month brings new refreshing feminist energy to In Other Words.  The gatherings have been growing in popularity, and the last one was no different!  

Huge round of applause is owed to Susan, who volunteered to take notes. Here are some of the big take-aways from the April 2015 gathering:

  • Feminist discussions can act as avenues for activism in the form of community building, mentoring, outreach, healing, and consciousness raising. 
  • Discussions started here can spread to our work in schools, places of worship, the home, work, and more.
  • Feminist literature is a critical grounding point for building a strong foundation for a strong movement. We cannot read enough feminist literature! Intersectional and trans-inclusive feminist literature must be at the center of our discussions.
  • Social media can be a very effective platform for feminist discourse: Twitter, YouTube, wordpress, facebook, and more
  • General Assemblies at In Other Words are important for local grassroots community coalition building. Community organizing work should also serve to support the sustainability of organizations– we could help raise funds for places like In Other Words, Bitch, Rock Camp, Q Center, etc. very important to remember that all of this runs on volunteer power! 
  • Let’s spread the word about this meet up and continue to build coalitions across communities! 

You heard it, Portland! The feminists from BYOB Portland Feminist Meet Up want you to join the conversation! The next gathering is coming up on Saturday May 9th 12:30PM at In Other Words Feminist Community Center 14 NE Killingsworth St. Portland OR 97211

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